What does the Educational Committee do ?

The Educational Committee is a standing committee of IFOS. IFOS has established a long standing tradition of education. It started with the responsibility of organizing the World Congress every four years. The survey of undergraduate and postgraduate training on a global basis was done by committee chairmen as John Bordley, James Snow and Robert Kohut.

IFOS is a Federation of Societies and has no individual members, it will therefore continue to stimulate the level of training according minimal requirements around the world. With th ehelp of the scientific committees it will also stimulate knowledge via the website www. ifosworld.org for the individual members

Part of the Educational Committee will be a subcommittee to develop educational programs of primary health care, in order to fullfill the mission statement of IFOS 'To identify critical global ORL care needs and communication disorders, to propose ways to prevent and treat individuals with them and to set priorities among these needs according to their impact on society'.

During the XIXth World Congress in Sao Paulo, the initiatives of the Educational Committee were discussed in the Executive Committee meetings of Sunday May 31st and June 4th and were approved during the General Assembly.
The paper on minimum requirements of an ENT training worldwide are combined with the initiative of Dr. Johan Fagan from Cape Town to start with an ENT training program within the Developing Countries. This training program should be totally different from the training programs in Developed Countries because of their need and possibilities and their different incidence of disease and complications. Dr. Johan Fagan developed the website Educational support for ENT surgeons in the Developing World

Educational support for ENT surgeons in the Developing World

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