Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation Therapy Course

July 2016, Cape Town, South Africa



The objective of this study is to present our experience in the management of aspirated foreign bodies over a period of 4 years (January 2008 to January 2012). This was carried out at Otorhinolaryngology Department, Dubai Hospital, U.A.E. This retrospective study was undertaken on 106 children (from 6 months to 14 years) referred for management of aspirated foreign body. 44 patients were under 5 years of age with a male predominance. 76 cases presented with a definite history of foreign body aspiration. Diagnostic bronchoscopy preceded by ventilation perfusion study was done for 26 cases with doubtful history. Clinical examination of chest revealed 20 cases with normal findings and 86 cases with signs of bronchial obstruction. Plain x-ray of the chest revealed normal findings in 22 cases, radio-opaque foreign body in 14 cases and changes due to bronchial obstruction in 84 cases. All patients underwent rigid bronchoscopy under general anaesthesia. Foreign bodies were successfully seen and removed in 80 cases. No foreign body was seen in 26 cases. The most common aspirated foreign body was peanut in 26 cases, followed by watermelon seed in 20 cases.

Dr. Hussain Abdulrahman
President GCC and Emirates ORL HNS
Consultant and Head of ENT Department, Dubai Hospital, Dubai Health
Dubai, UAE

REPORT: 10th GCC Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery conference, 3rd Emirates Rhinology Conference and 2nd Arab and Emirates Otology and Audiology Conference

The 10th GCC Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery conference, 3rd Emirates Rhinology Conference and 2nd Arab and Emirates Otology and Audiology Conference was held 15th - 17th January 21013 in Dubai, UAE. The conference was supported and accredited by Dubai Health Authority, UAE.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashed Al Makoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance and President of the Dubai Health Authority inaugurated the conference. The three day conference has attracted more than 937 specialist from the region and abroad. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan also toured the exhibition where more than 24 companies were exhibiting the latest advances in the field of ENT and Audiology. This conference provided a platform for exchange of state-of-the-art information. Speaking about Dubai, Dr. Hussain Abdulrahman, Chairman of the conference, President of GCC and Emirates Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Society asserted "Dubai is known for its hospitality, excellent infrastructure and world-renowned hotels, all these factors play an important role in making Dubai a hub for hosting regional and international conferences."

The conference featured over 40 leading international and regional speakers in the field of ENT including Benjamin Harley,UK, Claudio Vicini, , Italy, Heinz Stammberger, Medical, Austria; Joel Goebel, USA; Robert Vincent, France; Abdulmonem Shaikh, , KSA; Abdulrahman Hagr, KSA; Reda Kamel, Egypt., Abdelaziz Belal, Egypt; Ashish Bhumkar, India; Dilyana Vitcheva, Bulgaria; Filipo Montevecchi, Italy; Georg Sprinzl, Austria; Hassan Wahba, Egypt; Hesham Kaddour, UK; Hossam M T Foda, Egypt; Joachim Muller, Germany; Magdy Amin Riad, Egypt; Milan Profant, Under Secretary, IFOS Conference; Mohan Kameshwaran, India; Paolo Castelnuovo, Italy; Sergei Karpischenko, Russia; Wolfgang Gubisch, Germany; Wolf Dieter Baumgartner, Austria.

With three days of in-depth presentations and interactive panel discussions, the conference covered all ENT related disorder in detail and provided attendees with the prefect opportunity to improve knowledge and updated themselves the field of ENT.

There were several Pre- and Post conference workshops organized in Dubai Hospital by Dr. Hussain Abdulrahman, Chairperson of the conference which included hands on cadaver dissection courses. The details of the course can be accessed from the website.

The next ENT Conference will be from 15-17 January 2014. Pre-and Post Conference workshops will be announced shortly in the website.


Emirates Medical Association, ENT Society Board election results

Dr. Hussain Abdulrahman - President ENT Society
Dr. Medhat Habib - Vice President
Dr. Abdel Al Mansoori - General Secretary
Dr. Ayman Freihat - Head of Scientific Committee
Dr. Mustafa Muhaishi - Head of Culture Committee

REPORT: International Voice Congress of Luxor last October

The International Voice Congress took place in Luxor, in the period of 27 - 31 October , 2012.
The congress was put under the auspices of HE the Governor of Luxor.
The congress was attended by 202 participants from 32 nations extending from Japan to the USA and Latin America.
The scientific program included 2 Key note addresses, 23 symposia, 11 Tutorials, 4 Workshops, 52 free papers, and 11 posters.
This program was given in 3 parallel lecture rooms.
There was a small but representative scientific commercial exhibition.
Being in Luxor, with such a great concentration of the world heritage of the Pharonic civilization, one had to take care of the cultural program. Similarly, as the congress focuses on voice, an artistic Gala of the history of music and singing was given on the grounds of the Luxor Temple in full moonlight. The official banquet took place in the Temple of Ramses III in Habu on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor.
The cultural program was simply awesome.
Beside the scientific and cultural aspects of the congress, important discussion of the future development of the worldwide voice affairs took place in 2 working lunches attended by representatives from leading international, regional, and national organizations. This was planned to be attended by our friend and President Paulo Pontes. Her had to apologize at the alt moment because of some academic obligations in his University.